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MOUD/MAT Program

Here at Castillo Primary care, we offer Medication Assisted Treatment/Medication Opioid Use Disorder treatment for patients who need help with alcohol and smoking cessation and also drug/opioid addiction. Book an appointment today, and our medical experts will guide you in your recovery.
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Our Program

At Castillo Primary Care, we offer an Opiate addiction treatment program for individuals suffering from addiction to opioids, drugs, smoking and alcohol or other harmful consumptions and ultimately help people with substance abuse disorders. We are committed to providing people with quality preventive healthcare. Our staff provides top-notch services at reasonable costs.

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Our Medication Assisted Treatment/Medication Opioid Use Disorder treatment (MOUD/MAT) program is structured in a way to provide utmost care and facility to our patients and ensure they get the best out of our program. We’re here to give you all the medical attention you need.

Your physical and mental health can be improved with the aid of Castillo Primary Care. Take the first step toward a better living, reach out to us, and we are here to help with all your needs.



Benefits of Our MOUD/MAT Program

Regardless of age or length of substance abuse, abstaining from harmful substances is one of the most important steps anyone can take to improve their health. That is why we provide a structured program to address the opiate addiction problem. Our Medication Assisted Treatment/Medication Opioid Use Disorder treatment is solely dedicated to the purpose of addiction cessation. The program offers immense benefits to our patients.

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A person’s decision to stop engaging in specific addictions lowers their risk of dying young, improves their health, and raises their quality of life. The life expectancy can increase by up to ten years after quitting. Additionally, it lowers the chance of several harmful health impacts, such as 12 different forms of cancer, poor reproductive outcomes, cardiovascular illnesses, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It also reduces the financial burden that addiction places on people, healthcare institutions, and society.

So join us at Castillo Primary Care and take a step towards a healthier life. We offer you a platform to recover and enhance your quality of life through structured medical treatment. Get in touch with our medical personnel for queries related to admission.

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